So this is where I put things made in Touhou Danmakufu. Note that I only use v0.12m, not ph3.
To install a script, unzip the downloaded archive into the "script" folder of Touhou Danmakufu.

If any of the scripts show an error when run in Danmakufu, please contact the skype name clandestineGuillotine.

Single scripts (danmaku only)
Plural scripts (boss fights)

Current projects
Note: Projects-in-production are listed in order of importance. Finished projects will be moved to the appropriate section immediately after completion.

Touhou 6 AfterExtra stage (Progress: 3%)
A stage in the style of Touhou 6. Extra-stage length.
Also contains a menu which semi-imitates that of the real EoSD.

Nimono & Secant (Team Battle) (Progress: 0%)
Remake of a script made by a good friend of mine. Features better spellcards and stuff.

Zwyx Yajilon (Progress: 0%)
Internet persona boss fights are all the rage.

One of my rules is that if I create an OC (original character), then I will always create a boss fight for him/her/it. Always. (Or at least, once I find the time to. Even Zwyx still needs its own boss fight.)